Got a Totalled Car? Why Not Have It Removed for Free?

Car in Australia being removed by professionals for free after being totalled

Repairing a car after a road accident isn’t always an option and if your car has been totaled you may find that the cost of repairing it simply isn’t worth the outlay involved, which is usually due to its age and value. If you’ve looked into your options and you’ve decided that repairing it isn’t worth the costs involved in relation to the value of the car, have you considered what you’ll do with it now?

Naturally, leaving it out the front of your home is an eyesore and there’s little point in storing it the garage where it will take up space that can be put to better use, so why not call a car cash removal company like Cash for Junk Cars in Perth and have it removed without charge?

We’ll remove your car for free and offer you a fair price for the remainder of the vehicle. We’ll even pay you cash on the spot for it that can be put towards a new vehicle, enabling you to get rid of the eyesore without having to deal with the headache of trying to sell a seriously damaged vehicle.  


The Best Car Removal Service in Perth

Having your totaled car removed for free is easy, just call Cash for Junk Cars to have a chat about your car and if you’d like us to remove it for you, we’ll arrange a time for our team to pick it up. Before the appointed time, make sure that:

  • You’ve removed your license plates from the car.
  • There’s plenty of space for use to get a truck in to remove the car. A blocked driveway or obstacles may prevent us from removing it due to time considerations.
  • You have your ID and proof of ownership with you. Due to the risk of stolen vehicles, we can’t remove your totaled car without ID and proof of ownership.
  • Any additional information that we have requested, for example, proof of destruction, is ready to be collected. Sometimes documentation must be sent to the relevant authorities to rule out foul play.

Any remaining parts of value will be recycled and sold before the car frame is wrecked and the metal recycled, which is how you’ll get cash for your car. If you have any questions about how much you can get for your car, don’t hesitate to ask during your initial conversation with Cash for Junk Cars. And for your assurances, any fuel and chemicals that remain will be removed before the car is destroyed to ensure they don’t damage the environment.

With our cash for cars service, having your car removed professionally and free of charge with the possibility of an additional payment is extremely easy. As we’re experts in the field, don’t hesitate to call us and take advantage of our industry-leading advice and the opportunity to get a free quote for your totaled car! For further information on how to have your totaled car removed, call us today on 0404 445 511.

Small Black Totalled Car Removal for Money in Perth

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