Remove Your Junk Car and Get Cash in an Eco-Friendly Way

We have very high green recycling standards here at Cash for Junk Cars. We care about the way in which we dispose of your vehicle after we’ve bought it and removed it for you. We always avoid hazardous landfill sites, which is something you can’t say for all removal companies.

When you get rid of your junk car, you don’t want to have the guilt of damaging the environment on your mind too. The world is unclean enough as it is without your car making things worse. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Our standards and practices are eco-friendly at every stage.

There are three things that we do with the parts and metal we salvage from your car. Each of them is green and sustainable, meaning that nothing gets wasted when it doesn’t need to be. We will either recycle, reuse or resell everything we take from your junk car after we purchase it from you. And this doesn’t affect you one bit.

As far as you’re concerned, you have got a fair price for the car and it’s no longer yours. But we can make sure that car’s legacy will be a positive and green one, rather than being a drain on the environment.

It doesn’t matter how wrecked or ruined your old vehicle is; we’ll always do what we can to make sure that the car is recycled correctly. And we will never turn down your car based on its condition or damage. We don’t mind how damaged the vehicle is here at Cash for Junk Cars, so don’t hesitate if you’re thinking of contacting us.

We are fully licensed and have years of experience in this business. No one knows what they’re doing better than we do when it comes to removing and recycling old cars. So, yours will be in safe hands.